You held on to me, the way I wanted you to for years.
But there’s that feeling of dread, and it’s not because we were in such a dark place; it was cold yet you were warm and I feared that warmth will make me forget your horrors.

I’m done.
was done.

Then you, in a place of fake scares and money-grabs, fit right in as you haunted me again.
Your shivering hands and gasping breaths; please stop.
Don’t make me feel like I want to protect you again.

I’ve been there for years and you never noticed.
I am tired of being a ghost to you, being forgotten until you’re alone at night and nobody’s there to tell you everything’s going to be fine.

I am so tired but you make it so damn difficult.

And now, I’m a mess again.
This haunted attraction was a mistake.
I went there to get scared.

Instead I fell for you again.


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