You and I look back, then slowly walk towards each other.
We breathe in the goodbyes
back into our lungs and they are gone forever.
I release you from a thinning embrace,
and tears will flow back from eyes that slowly dry.
My sadness will turn into a smile and
we’ll talk a mess of words that cannot be understood.
We’ll say hello and then walk away.

I’ll wake up and reach for the phone.
To end the call, say goodnight and
pull back in the words I spoke into the mic.
My ears will forget the words you never spoke.
The hours of talking will turn into minutes and into seconds,
and I’ll finally say hello, then start the call that never began.

We dance hand in hand,
our bodies releasing music back into the speakers.
I’ll take the flowers from you and
we’ll slowly walk away, disappearing into the shadows of the night.
My heart will mend itself back together,
and your rejection will disappear back into the silence of a sad smile.
I bring back the question that I never asked.

Feelings for you will vanish into nothingness,
and finally we become friends, and
I’ll erase the conversations we had message by message,
forgetting the answers you haven’t told me yet.
We will go back and talk, and then
our names will disappear into the folds of a future that has never happened.
We’ll walk away with no idea of who the other is, and
we’ll walk away as strangers and never meet.


I finally got the guts to introduce myself to you.
Fast forward.

We finally become friends and then all of a sudden
I found myself falling for you.

Fast forward.
I ask you out and you say no, but it was fine because-

Fast forward.
I ask you out on the school dance, and I thought-

Fast forward.
I told you I had to leave, that this would be the last year I’d be here. I wanted to tell you how-

Fast forward.
Our last day.

I’ve been back here, to this moment
so many times
but it’s still the same.

I still find it hard to let you go
even though I know
there is no other way this ends.


Every story has a beginning, middle and end, someone said.
I’m unsure where this ends, though.

Is it at your goodbye
or was it at your hello?


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