I guess you know me. Maybe she mentioned me
once, maybe twice; maybe not at all, or
maybe all the time like always before

I want to say congratulations ‘cause
she is a stubborn heart that fears to love
with all her walls and all her trust issues;
you’ve managed to make her say I love you
in a couple of weeks; God knows I have
tried for years and never got tired of it
but I guess she has you now and you, her;
it is selfish to think but I’m thinking
if it is okay not to be okay,
because three years was a very long time
waiting for nothing and a cheap bottle
of wine; I am drowning myself tonight
figurative, hoping literally,
except that I hate the sea and I’ve been
stuck here underwater breathing in like
I’m stuck being in love with the same girl

it’s killing me but it’s the thoughts of her
That keep me from wanting to kill myself;
I don’t know what’s easier to do now.
If to love is to be human, then to
be human was to be hurt; I love her
and maybe it is what makes me human
and maybe it is what makes me hurt

but hey, she has you now, and you got her.
it’s your story and it’s you two on stage,
I’m just another actor on the sides
and me hurting isn’t part of the script;
I’m making up lines and speaking as if
someone’s listening, but hey, you got her
and she got you; take care of her for me


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