All The Dangerous Things


You are not the first girl I ever fell for.
Not the second either.

She was drugs.
She was heaven. She was euphoria.
She was the closest thing to ever make me feel like maybe, just maybe Life isn’t too bad.
But it was just for a while.

She left, and she left me wishing, wanting for more.

She was fire.
She was an explosion.
A combustion of surprise and intrigue.
She lit up my world when it was dark.

But I can never hold her. All I could do was look.

She was a knife.
She was sharp.
She could stand alone.
She could kill you so slowly.

I learned to never play with blades again.

She was darkness.
She has been my companion ever since the fire wrought its shadows.
She has always been there, a silent friend.

But when I told her I loved her, she made no reply. She vanished without a trace.

Then there was you.
You. You are nothing I have ever known.
You are a combination of every single heartbreak yet you resemble none.

You are something new.
And you’re addicting, and deadly. Sometimes I’m not sure if you’re really there. You are someone I know I can’t probably be with, but then again…

I have always loved the dangerous things.


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