The “Author”

You’re actually reading this. That’s cool, that’s new.

So, okay.

My name is Cis. I’m somewhere between being a teen and being an adult (okay, 17) and I’d like to say I’m a poet but I guess that’s up to you. I like words and my camera, I want to be clinically diagnosed with depression so I don’t have to wonder if I am or I’m just constantly sad but psychologists are not on the budget, I like cats and I have insomnia and I hate mornings.

Every post here is my own writing, but I have this fear that the English Language only has so many words and possible combinations that maybe someone somewhere also had the same idea one day and our poems sound similar, and he or she is probably much more known or better than me so it’d sound like I copied, but swear, I don’t. I feel like I’d hate myself more if I did.

The pictures too, by the way. All my own shots and props, so I don’t know if that’s an interesting fact or just dumb information.

Anyway, thanks for checking out this blog, or whatever this is.

It means a lot. For real.